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Snowboard course

Improve or try a new discipline

Start and improve with good technical bases, make new friends, get the 360 of your dreams done, this is the stake of the week.
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Come and try snowboarding with one of our coach, sign up for a snowboard collective lesson!

Amongst teens, in a good ambiance, get on with snowboarding in gooffy or regular depending of your foot support.

Snowboard group lesson is open for any kid/teenager aged 9 and above. The coach will give you objectives step by step in order to acquire the right gesture from the start and to ensure a safe progression.

The pleasure of succeeding quickly and safely.

  • Level 1: The camp is about discovering all the snowboard possibilities with freestyle and freeride introduction. 
  • From level 2 we take snowboarding to the next stage by searching for varied terrains to take new challenges.  

Snowboarding camp level 2 and 3 are only during  new year week & the February school holidays.

Sunday to friday
PERIODSChristmas holidays
DatesFrom the 24/12/23 to the 29/12/2023
Afternoon2 to 4.15pm
PÉRIODESNew year weekFebruary school holidays
DatesDu 31/12/2023 au 05/01/2024From the 11/02 to the 08/03/2024
Snowboard camp (Levels 2 and 3 )1.15 to 4.15 pm9.15am to 12.15pm
Snowboard beginner & level 12 to 4.15pm2.55 to 5.10pm
Off school holidays schedulesSunday to friday
PERIODSSpring holidaysOff school holidays
Morning9.30am to 12pm*9.30am to 12pm*
* Booking by email 
RatesIncludes the medal. 
6 courses of 2.15h190 €
5 courses of 2.15h (snowboard beginner only 6 days)172 €
6 courses of 3h224 €
5 courses of 3h204 €