Prepare for D-day

So that your holidays are always a pleasure!

Advice to parents

To help your children make the most of their classes, please consider:
  • Equip them properly: anorak, mittens, sunglasses, sunscreen, handkerchiefs
  • Mark his clothes and skis
  • Avoid beeing nearby and calling your child during classes
  • Let us know about your child’s health problems
  • The wearing of the helmet is strongly advised for children on the slopes
  • Let Instructors decide on possible class changes
  • Your child is on holiday and the goal is for him to enjoy himself and want to come back. So, respect his rhythm and do not try to make him a champion before the time!

Terms of sale:

  • Private lessons not cancelled before 17:00 the day before will not be refunded
  • The ESF declines all responsibility for physical or physical accidents that could occur to students
  • The ESF reserves the right to cancel or group its courses if the number of students is less than 5.
  • The ESF cannot be responsible for the weather, the breakdown of the lifts or other accidents. Therefore, no cancellation or postponement of courses.
  •  The ESF does not insure the students, we advise you to take an insurance with your ski pass.

Prepare physically

To tackle the first days on the boards, the physical preparation (thighs, knees, hips and cardio-respiratory) is probably the main element to prepare. A few simple exercises will allow you to easily improve your fitness before going down the slopes. To develop respiratory endurance, practice jogging, walking or cycling in sessions of at least 30 minutes. This way, you will be able to follow up without stopping too often … and perhaps succeed in the challenge of descending the blue track "Sairon" non-stop! Concerning muscles, the important points to strengthen are the abdominal strap, the back, the shoulders, and well on the lower limbs. Don’t take the elevator anymore, prefer the stairs, climb while jumping a step

Preparation of the suitcase

Whatever the period of your stay, take warm clothes. In the mountains, the weather changes very quickly!
Don’t forget: your children’s age certificate to benefit from the free ski pass for children under 5.