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Snowboard lesson

Learn a new way to slide down or sharpen your skills

Snowboard week camp are available at any ages!
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More than just a sliding technique, snowboarding is a state of mind!
Do you want to discover this sport and introduce yourself to its culture?
Our professionals will help you to progress safely and at your own pace.

If you already have a good level of practice, don't hesitate to join one of our groups for an improvement session.

The program: Technical development in order to ride without getting tired, learn to manage your physical capacities so that it's more fun to snowboard!

The pleasure of succeeding quickly and safely.

Level beginner only available  6 days From Sunday until Friday 

Level 1: a snowboard week camp based on the discovery of all the snowboarding possibilities. Introduction to freestyle & freeride.

From level 2: the course takes place in the search for varied terrains (but always adapted to your level) to put you in situation.

Snowboarding Camp level 2 and level 3: only during from 27/12 to 01/01/21 and the school holidays of February.

Sunday to friday
PERIODSChristmas holidays
DatesFrom the 24/12/23 to the 29/12/2023
Afternoon2 to 4.15pm
PÉRIODESNew year weekFebruary school holidays
DatesDu 31/12/2023 au 05/01/2024From the 11/02 to the 08/03/2024
Snowboard camp (Levels 2 and 3 )1.15 to 4.15 pm9.15am to 12.15pm
Snowboard beginner & level 12 to 4.15pm2.55 to 5.10pm
SCHEDULES off school holidays and in april
From sunday to friday
PERIODSSpring breakOff school holidays
Morning9.30am to 12pm*9.30am to 12pm*
* Booking by email
RatesThe medal is included for all under 16 of age
6 Lessons of 2h15 190 €
5 Lessons of 2h15 172 €
6 lessons of 3h (Week camp for levels 2 and 3)224 €
5 lessons of 3h (Week camp for levels 2 and 3)204 €